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Open Internet Files Directly From Your Desktop Applications

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can import any image and text from internet directly to your desktop applications. When you want to use some images and text from internet what you do, first you save or copy that image from internet to your computer then you open your desktop application (like Microsoft Office Word, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad, etc) and then Files –> Open (or Ctrl+O shortcut key) to import in your desktop application.

Google Holi Logo In PhotoShop

Now let me remove first step from this for you, just your desktop application and then Files –> Open (or Ctrl+O shortcut key) type the URL of that image you want to import and there you go, your got it imported without saving into your computer.

If you want to view source code of any webpage open your Notepad (or Adobe Dreamweaver) and then Files –> Open (or Ctrl+O shortcut key) type the URL of any webpage and press Open button and you will able to see the source code of that webpage.

If you have any question or problem let me know.

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  1. Dana says:

    Thanks for this useful tip. This tip can surely save my time to bring the file from internet to my laptop.


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