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Easily Validate HTML And CSS Using W3C Validator With Bookmarklet

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can check if a website is W3C validated or not. If you are a website designer or developer and you need to keep checking if any website is W3C validated or not then you need to keep visiting W3C website and type the URL of the website you want to check.

Valid W3C CSS and HTML

So to make your work easy here are two bookmarklet by which you will let you check HTML and CSS of any website with couple of mouse clicks.

Just drag-drop above bookmarklet button to your browser’s bookmark bar, then go to the website (or webpage) which you would like validate with W3C and click on that bookmarklet.


  1. Tanghus says:

    Thanks for your excellent bookmarklets. Just what I needed. Ironically this page gives 203 error when run through 😉

  2. Tanghus says:

    And that should of cours be errors in plural, sorry.


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