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How To Make Your QR Code Colorful And More Branded With Your Logo

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can add images inside QR Code. QR Code is becoming more popular everyday and being used many people to share text. It is using used by many ways, for viewing webpage, advertisements, sharing text, visiting (business) card, etc. And now they are also being used more creatively by making colorful and branded QR Codes. - Generate Colorful and Branded QR Code

Generally a normal QR Code generator generates black and white QR Code but Unitag is one of them who let you generate colorful and branded QR Codes. You can create QR code for pure text, URL, Email, Me Card, etc. Give single/gradient color, change background color, add shadow, insert your logo in your QR Code and make your QR Code branded, matching with the design where you going to put it.

However before making that QR Code in use, make sure you have tested it, that it can be read correctly by a QR reader/scanner or not. While giving the gradient colors in your code makes sure that the contrast between light and dark areas must be strong enough to be read.


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