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Archive for January, 2012

Now Google Lets You Sign-In To Multiple YouTube Channels (Accounts)

There are many people who like to manage multiple YouTube account (channels), same way like most of us like to manage multiple email account, one for personal use and professional use Read the rest of this entry →

How To Make Your WordPress Blog Category And Tag Pages NoIndex

If you use (self-hosted) WordPress blog as your blogging platform then you must have many tags and categories got created in your blog Read the rest of this entry → Launches Angry Brides Game To Fight Against Dowry

One of the India’s largest matrimonial website bought a game called Angry Brides to fight against dowry, it is made in-house by team of Read the rest of this entry →

Share Source Code Or Plain Text With Anyone Using PasteBin

When we need to send source code, notes or any other kind of text information to another computer we can normally copy-past it into MS Word or Notepad, save that file in a Read the rest of this entry →

Test Your Typing Speed (WPM) With Your Ten Fast Fingers

What is your WPM? Didn’t get me, WPM means Words Per Minute, so I was asking how fast you can type, how many words you can type in one minute? Read the rest of this entry →

My Permissions Will Help You In Knowing You Which All Apps Have Access To Your Account

You know I have given total 61 apps access to my eight different profiles/accounts. 26 in Facebook, 13 in Twitter, 6 in one of my Google account and so on Read the rest of this entry →

Find Out Future And Historical Weather Report With WolFram|Alpha

Planning to going on a trip somewhere for this weekend and want to know how weather will be for next few days of that place so that after you reach there you don’t have to come back with disappointment because of bad weather Read the rest of this entry →

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