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List Of Companies And Websites Started In 2006 And Which Are Now Shutdown Or Got Acquired

The below image with collection of many different companies’ logos were illustrated by Ludwig Gatzke. In that image those are the companies which started in and before 2006 and you will able to find all these companies reviews in TechCrunch (and Mashable).

Logos Of Companies (Web 2.0) Started In 2006 Or Before

Now it is obvious that in so many years many things got changed, some of them got shutdown, some got acquired and some of them got successful and still survived in their own.

So Meg Pickard decided and updated this list (in 2009) and marks the companies which got acquired or shutdown. You can see the updated list in below image.

Updated List Of Companies (Web 2.0) Started In 2006 Or Before Which Are Now Either Shutdown Or Got Acquired Or Still Alive In Their Own

Pink cross means that the company is dead now and green circle means companies that got acquired by someone or another company. There are some companies which were acquired then later on it got shutdown so you will see both cross and circle on their logo (e.g.: XDrive, WebJay, Blogniscient). And on the companies which has two circles on their logo that means that company was acquired twice (e.g.: Pegasus News).

After 2009 also some of these companies got acquired by someone else or got shutdown, like Delicious was first acquired by Yahoo! in 2005 than in 2011 it is bought by one of the founder of YouTube and the owners of AVOS Systems. Picnik is another company which was founded in 2005, in 2010 it was acquired by Google and in January 2012 Google announced to shut it down on April 19, 2012.


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