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Archive for March, 2012

How To Register Domain With Google To Import Your Blog Post From Blogger To WordPress

Last year when I shifted my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress platform, I faced authentication problem, while importing my post from Blogger to WordPress I used Blogger import plugin but Read more →

How To Stop Your Blogger Blog From Getting Redirect To Country Level Domain (ccTLD)

Early last month in February Google started redirecting all blogs to local country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), the blogs which are hosted on and using free BlogSpot sub-domain Read more →

How You Can Remove Password From Your Password Protected PDF Document

If you need to send a PDF document to one of your friend but it is password protected and you can’t want to tell him your password or if you have many documents which are password protected and Read more →

How To Test Your Website In Different Country Using Different Web Browsers

When we design a new blog/website or make any changes in our current blog/website then you would always like to check if it is working properly in every web browser and from different-different places Read more →

Check How Accurate Your Computer Clock Time Is

Time.Is is a website where they tell that they show the world’s most accurate web time in the world. They don’t use your local computer time to show the current time, Read more →

How To Execute JavaScript In Google Chrome

From last few versions of Google Chrome updates, Google doesn’t allow users to copy any JavaScript code from anywhere and run it on a webpage by directly pasting it to address bar Read more →

How To Type Multiple Lines In Single Cell In Microsoft Office Excel

Yesterday my father was working on Microsoft Excel to make balance sheet and some of the name in it was too big to put it in single line and also when he tries to print that sheet, Read more →

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