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How To Do Group Chat With All Your Friends On Facebook

If you are getting bored in home, don’t have anything to do and thinking of going out somewhere with friends so you made calls or sending SMS to all your friends asking if they are also getting bored and Read more →

How To Appear Online Or Offline On Facebook Chat To Specific People

Yesterday night one of my Facebook friend, Harsh (who is an author of couple of bestseller books in India) got online for few minutes on Facebook chat and within seconds got more than 40 pings (chat request), Read more →

Do Free Video Chat And Conference With AV By AOL

Whenever we to do or think about video chat/call/conference most of the time first name come in our mind is Skype but there are many other names also which also comes in our mind like GTalk in Gmail, ooVoo, Facebook, etc. Read more →

How To Make Conference Without Any Login Or Registration

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you do conference call and chat without any software. When we need to make conference call but we are not in secure network Read more →

How To Do Face-To-Face (Audio-Video) Chat With Your Friends On Facebook

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can do video chat in Facebook. Facebook is the largest social networking website with more than 800 million users, where Read more →

Get Desktop Notifications For Your Emails And Chat

Cross Post With Google-Chrome

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can get your emails and chats notifications on your desktop from your Gmail account. When you are talking to someone using Gmail chat or waiting for someone’s email, you must keep your Gmail tab open and in every few minutes or seconds you switch back to your Gmail tab to check wither you got any new message/email or not. But now you don’t have to keep switching back to your Gmail tab

Gmail Logo

Today Google have introduced a new feature in Gmail by which whenever you can get a message or email a popup will appear at the corner of your screen. But to use this feature you need to use Google Chrome, it is not capable with any other browser.

Let see how you can activate it

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account
  3. Then go to Settings page
  4. Scroll down to Desktop Notifications
  5. There you click on Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail.
  6. Now one notification will appear from your Google Chrome browser asking you to give permission to show desktop notifications
  7. Click on Allow button
  8. Settings and Allow

  9. Now by default Chat notification is enable so if you want to make chat or emails, enable or disable make it as you want
  10. Then scroll to bottom and click on Save Changes button
  11. Save Changes button

Once you make it enable in your Google Chrome browser now whenever you are talking with someone using Gmail chat or waiting for someone’s email just open your Gmail account and let that tab open. Now do your other works if you receive any new massage or email you will get a popup notification at the corner of your screen.

Chat Notifications popup

Do let us know how use full it is for you, for me it is useful now I while talking with anyone I don’t have to keep going back to Gmail tab ever few seconds.

How To Use Google Talk Badge In Your Blog Or Website

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can use Google Talk badge in your blog or website. Google Talk badge is a good way to connect and interact with your readers/visitors on your blog or website. And they great thing about this is your readers/visitors don’t need to sign-up or sign-in anywhere, they will just click on the badge and start chatting with you. You can also use it as online support for the products and services you provide.

Here how you can get Google talk Badge
2.       Login to the account which you want to use for badge
3.       There you will see a box which your Google Talk Badge
4.       Then click on Edit

5.       Now do the settings of your badge, how you want your badge
6.       After you make the setting as you want click on Update badge button (when you will click on Update badge button the preview will also update to show how your badge will look)

7.       Now copy the code from bottom of that page and past it where ever you want to put your badge.
Whatever your status (Available, Busy, Idle, Invisible and Offline) will be in your GTalk it will show the same status in your badge. But visitors will only able to talk to you when your status will be Available.

Whenever a visitor will click on that badge to chat with you a popup chat will automatically open to show that someone wants to talk to you and you can make a first step with a Hello!, your name or such before that visitor do. And Note that none of your chat with your visitors will get save.

Hope this will help you to interact with your readers and visitors.

Do tell us how you use it and what your experience with it was.

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