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Check How Accurate Your Computer Clock Time Is

Time.Is is a website where they tell that they show the world’s most accurate web time in the world. They don’t use your local computer time to show the current time, Read more →

How To Solve Authentication (SSL) Certificate Errors In Windows PC

It might have happen with that most of your applications stop working and start showing error that they couldn’t able to establish secure connection with their server because difference between their Read more →

How To Synchronize Your Computer Time With Internet Server Time (NTP)

When you buy a new computer you will notice that the time is not correct, if it is then your engineer has already set the correct time. So if want to show your computer accurate time and you have an internet connection then you can simply sync your computer time with Internet Time Server (a.k.a Network Time Protocol or NTP) Read more →

Live Clock Made From Satellite Images Of Google Earth

Till now you must have used Google Earth to see how your house looks from top and to find directions. But have you ever thought using Google Earth as digital clock? Yes, there is Read more →

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