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Add Custom Robots Header Meta Tags In Your Blogger Blog

Blogger’s new Search preference allows you to set header response meta data for robots, which is somewhat similar to robots.txt. Using header meta data you can control Read more →

How To Stop Your Blogger Blog From Getting Redirect To Country Level Domain (ccTLD)

Early last month in February Google started redirecting all blogs to local country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), the blogs which are hosted on and using free BlogSpot sub-domain Read more →

How To Execute JavaScript In Google Chrome

From last few versions of Google Chrome updates, Google doesn’t allow users to copy any JavaScript code from anywhere and run it on a webpage by directly pasting it to address bar Read more →

How To Leverage Browser Caching For Your Blog And Website Using Htaccess

Bloggers and Webmaster always want their blog/website to load as fast as possible so that reader and visitors don’t have to wait for anything. So one of the easy ways to make your blog load faster is Read more →

How To Add Syntax Highlighter In Your Website

If you always need to share HTML, JavaScript, C, PHP, Python and other such kinds of codes on your blog or website but it always show in a plain single color. But Read more →

How To Embed Tweets In Your Blog Or Website

Twitter seems to be rolled out or rolling out new user interface (UI) to everyone because in last two days all my Twitter account got new UI. So if you got the new UI Read more →

With Codecademy Learning Codes Is Now Fun And Easy

Thinking of learning programming and don’t know where to start with or facing problem while learning it by watching videos on YouTube or reading long-long articles on the web? Read more →

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