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How To Get Earthquake Alert And Notifications In Many Ways

Few days back there was couple earthquake came in Indian Ocean and it was felt in some of the cities in India and nearby countries, by now most you must have got to knew about it. But till now Read more →

OhLife Helps You To Write Your Personal Diary Regularly And Keep It Secret

If you are a type of person who everyday writes about yourself, your daily experience, how your whole gone in your private diary, just to keep your memories alive. But Read more →

How To Easily Upload Video On YouTube Using DropBox

Few days back one of my clients needed to upload a video (which is produced by my team of Dzire 2 Dzine) on YouTube, but he was not able to upload it as his internet speed was very slow and he needed that video to be uploaded ASAP Read more →

How To Make Use Of Mailto Link Syntax

When we mention our email address on our website we simply add a mailto hyper link with it which converts that text email address into a clickable link and when people click on it, Read more →

How To Change Subject Line In Gmail, When You Reply Someone

Whenever we do an email conversation with someone especially using Gmail we get a reader friendly conversation look so that anyone can easily understand what Read more →

How To Protect Your Email Address From SPAM Bots With reCAPTCHA

If you have a blog or website then you need to give your email ID in contact page so that people can contact you but it not always that people only see those email IDs even SPAM bots also see Read more →

How To Save The World From Emails

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can save world from emails. These days whoever has access to the internet have an email account, it is one of the main Read more →

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