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How To Get Earthquake Alert And Notifications In Many Ways

Few days back there was couple earthquake came in Indian Ocean and it was felt in some of the cities in India and nearby countries, by now most you must have got to knew about it. But till now Read more →

How To Invite All Your Friends On Facebook To Your Facebook Pages With A Single Click

If you owned a Facebook Pages or if you just created one then you will surly like to and want to invite all your friends on Facebook to like that page of yours Read more →

How To Do Group Chat With All Your Friends On Facebook

If you are getting bored in home, don’t have anything to do and thinking of going out somewhere with friends so you made calls or sending SMS to all your friends asking if they are also getting bored and Read more →

Now Play Angry Birds Game With Your Friends On Facebook

As we all know about Angry Birds game, one of the most popular game these days, it is available in most of the devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, etc., last year Rovio Read more →

How To Appear Online Or Offline On Facebook Chat To Specific People

Yesterday night one of my Facebook friend, Harsh (who is an author of couple of bestseller books in India) got online for few minutes on Facebook chat and within seconds got more than 40 pings (chat request), Read more →

Share Your Last Words After You Pass Away With If I Die

Have you ever thought of what will be your last word and how will you know that now it’s time to say your last word? No one knows that but might know that what you want to say before you are going to die Read more →

How To Debug Share URL Preview In Facebook

Sometimes people face problem while sharing links on Facebook, when we share links on Facebook in preview we see, sometimes Read more →

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