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OhLife Helps You To Write Your Personal Diary Regularly And Keep It Secret

If you are a type of person who everyday writes about yourself, your daily experience, how your whole gone in your private diary, just to keep your memories alive. But Read more →

How To Test Your Webpage Design Online For Free With PasteHTML

If you are a web designer or just started learning web designing then you would like test the webpage online that you just made. There are many ways you can test a webpage, Read more →

With Codecademy Learning Codes Is Now Fun And Easy

Thinking of learning programming and don’t know where to start with or facing problem while learning it by watching videos on YouTube or reading long-long articles on the web? Read more →

How To Generate And Decode Barcode Online For Free

Barcode is a computer readable data which is made of many thin and fat bars (or lines). When you went to supermarket or from shopping mall to buy something then must have noticed that Read more →

How To Watch US Restricted YouTube Movies And Video

As of we all know that we can watch full length movies on YouTube for free but there are many movies which are restricted to country specific due to copyrights issue Read more →

How To Share Your Computer Screen Within Skype

Recently I was helping one of my sisters to solve a problem in her laptop over Skype, while explaining we were facing difficulties as I wasn’t sure that what I was trying to say Read more →

Do Free Video Chat And Conference With AV By AOL

Whenever we to do or think about video chat/call/conference most of the time first name come in our mind is Skype but there are many other names also which also comes in our mind like GTalk in Gmail, ooVoo, Facebook, etc. Read more →

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