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Google Apps Loophole, Let You Access Other’s Domain Login Details [UPDATED]

Recently I was changing some of my domains’ NameServer which I bought through Google Apps (via GoDaddy). So while signing-in from one GA account to another I noticed that I am able to see Read more →

BlogSpot Blog Readers Can Use Bookmarklet To Stop Blogger Blog To Redirect To Local ccTLD

If you are a blogger or follow many blog via RSS feed then most of you must be following some blogs which are hosted on and using BlogSpot subdomain. So must knew about the changes that Google made couple of months back Read more →

How To Delete Pagefile.sys (Paging) File From System Drive

If you will open your system drive (most probably it will be C:\ drive) from My Computer and unhide all hidden files you will notice a file called Pagefile.sys and its size will similar to Read more →

How To Invite All Your Friends On Facebook To Your Facebook Pages With A Single Click

If you owned a Facebook Pages or if you just created one then you will surly like to and want to invite all your friends on Facebook to like that page of yours Read more →

How To Execute JavaScript In Google Chrome

From last few versions of Google Chrome updates, Google doesn’t allow users to copy any JavaScript code from anywhere and run it on a webpage by directly pasting it to address bar Read more →

How To Create Shortcut Icon And (Keyboard) Key To Shutdown And Restart Your Computer

If you are looking for a way to create shortcut icon (or shortcut key) on your desktop or in any particular folder or you can put/pin it on your taskbar to shut down or restart your computer, Read more →

Reason Why Google Is Redirecting Blogger Blog To Local ccTLD And Solution To Solve This Problem

Yesterday morning I posted about blogs on Blogger platform gets redirected to country-code top level domain (ccTLD) which they did without any prior notice and because of this many users/Bloggers are not happy with it Read more →

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