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How To Delete Pagefile.sys (Paging) File From System Drive

If you will open your system drive (most probably it will be C:\ drive) from My Computer and unhide all hidden files you will notice a file called Pagefile.sys and its size will similar to Read more →

Subscribe To Microsoft Download Center RSS Feed To Get Updates About New Software

Microsoft releases many new software and updates for old once almost daily and it is not possible for one to find all the new software and updates they releases everyday on Read more →

How To Type Multiple Lines In Single Cell In Microsoft Office Excel

Yesterday my father was working on Microsoft Excel to make balance sheet and some of the name in it was too big to put it in single line and also when he tries to print that sheet, Read more →

How To Solve Authentication (SSL) Certificate Errors In Windows PC

It might have happen with that most of your applications stop working and start showing error that they couldn’t able to establish secure connection with their server because difference between their Read more →

Tips For Selecting Multiple Files And Folder In Different Ways (For Windows User)

Most of you must be familiar with most common multiple file selecting option, press Ctrl key and start clicking on the files or folder you want to select, Read more →

How To Synchronize Your Computer Time With Internet Server Time (NTP)

When you buy a new computer you will notice that the time is not correct, if it is then your engineer has already set the correct time. So if want to show your computer accurate time and you have an internet connection then you can simply sync your computer time with Internet Time Server (a.k.a Network Time Protocol or NTP) Read more →

How To Quickly Add Dummy Text To Your Microsoft Office Word Document

Sometimes when we work on a presentation we need to insert some dummy text in it. So we can’t just type anything and add it (e.g.: dasufcagbs vhd va), we can’t add such things it doesn’t look good Read more →

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