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Use F.lux To Auto Adjust Your Screen Display According To Day And Night

If you are a type of person who need to give strain on your eyes by staring at your computer or laptop screen for hours every day and night and sometimes while working at night, you must have feel uncomfortable and started adjusting Read more →

Make Your Laptop Screen Transparent

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will show and tell you a trick of transparent laptop. First let me show you few inspiring transparent screen.

If you want to see more Click here and here

Now to make this you need little hard work.  Take picture of the background of your laptop, make sure that the pixels dimension and everything matches with the original background and then make some color adjustment to make it look perfect. For full detailed instruction Click here, you can even try this trick on your Desktop Computer but it will go perfect if it is a LCD monitor.

If you made any do put the image link of your in the comment.

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