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How To Share Folders With Group Of People Using DropBox

If you are working on a project with group of people and for most of you most of the time it is not possible to be at same place at same point of time then how will you all synchronize (sync) your works with each other? Not sure, how you will, Read more →

How To Put Your Company Logo On TeamViewer And Make It Look More Brandable

TeamViewer is one of the most popular to access your computer, laptop and mobile phone remotely. It is used by many offices and especially by Tech Support team, where they help Read more →

Share Sensitive Data Online Temporarily With OneTimeSecret

Sometimes it happens that we need to share some sensitive importations (like Password, Credit Card details, some important message, etc) with our friends and relatives online Read more →

How To Personalize Your AddThis Shearing Option

These days all of us read articles on many blog and websites and share or bookmark our favorite articles with our friends and followers on different social networking and bookmarking website Read more →

How To Share Your Computer Screen Within Skype

Recently I was helping one of my sisters to solve a problem in her laptop over Skype, while explaining we were facing difficulties as I wasn’t sure that what I was trying to say Read more →

Share Your Secret Message With The One You Are Not Able To Say It Directly

Is there anything you want to say it to someone but you are afraid of saying it to them directly? For instance you have crush on someone and want to say it to that person but Read more →

Now Share Screenshot And Images Faster And Easier With UploadScreenshot

When we need to take and share screenshot online, normally first we press Prt Scr button from our keyboard, then open Paint, past it there, save it somewhere in our computer, then upload it to Read more →

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