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How You Can Remove Password From Your Password Protected PDF Document

If you need to send a PDF document to one of your friend but it is password protected and you can’t want to tell him your password or if you have many documents which are password protected and Read more →

How To Test Your Website In Different Country Using Different Web Browsers

When we design a new blog/website or make any changes in our current blog/website then you would always like to check if it is working properly in every web browser and from different-different places Read more →

How To Test And Optimize Your Blog Or Website Loading Time

If you are a webmaster then you must have known that how much loading time of a webpage matters. As it will help your readers to view your webpage faster, help them Read more →

Create Polls Using GoPollGo And Get Real-Time Analytics Updates

When we get any question to ask or want to know which product or service we should go with, we always post them up on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to get instant reply and feedback from our friends Read more →

How To Add Syntax Highlighter In Your Website

If you always need to share HTML, JavaScript, C, PHP, Python and other such kinds of codes on your blog or website but it always show in a plain single color. But Read more →

Share Sensitive Data Online Temporarily With OneTimeSecret

Sometimes it happens that we need to share some sensitive importations (like Password, Credit Card details, some important message, etc) with our friends and relatives online Read more →

How To Personalize Your AddThis Shearing Option

These days all of us read articles on many blog and websites and share or bookmark our favorite articles with our friends and followers on different social networking and bookmarking website Read more →

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