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With VLC Media Player Set Videos As Your Desktop Wallpaper

Are you board of looking at your desktop wallpapers which are always a still image and don’t have any kind of movement or animation and not at all look entertaining at some point of time Read more →

How To Convert Videos From One Format To Another With VLC Media Player

There are many desktop software and web apps to convert videos from one format to another but most of them are not free or have many limitations in it and we also need to add one more software name in our huge list of already installed software, Read more →

How To Watch Videos In AsCii Art With VLC Media Player

If you got board of watching videos normally and want to try something new or even if you are not board then also for a change a give a try to watch videos in a different way. You one of the less known VLC Media Player feature lets you watch videos in AsCii Art mode Read more →

Take Snapshot Of A Scene From Your Favorite Movie Or Music Video In VLC Media Player

Most of us use VLC Media Player to watch movies and music videos and to listen music as it is the only free player which supports almost every possible audio and video format Read more →

Control The Timeline Speed Of Audio Or Video File You Are Playing With VLC Media Player

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can control speed of songs or videos while playing. If you are listing to a song which playing very fast and you want to slow down that song so that you can understand the lyrics of that songs or if you are watching a movie and Read more →

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