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How To Capture Or Generate Dynamic Screenshot On Any Webpage

There are numerous ways (software, web application and web browser extensions) to take screenshot of a webpage and save it as static image. And then Read more →

Enable GunZip (gZip) On Your Blog Or Website To Decrease Loading Time

Loading time of a website is one of the major issues for visitors and also for the blog and website owners. Because not everyone has high speed internet and these days contents Read more →

How To Find Out Who Created A Particular Blog Theme

Sometimes when we search for a theme for our blog, we try to find theme which suits best for our blog and sometimes we came around few themes which are being already used on other blogs Read more →

How To Register Domain With Google To Import Your Blog Post From Blogger To WordPress

Last year when I shifted my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress platform, I faced authentication problem, while importing my post from Blogger to WordPress I used Blogger import plugin but Read more →

How To Make Your WordPress Blog Category And Tag Pages NoIndex

If you use (self-hosted) WordPress blog as your blogging platform then you must have many tags and categories got created in your blog Read more →

After the Deadline Helps You Checking All Your Typos And Grammatical Mistakes

Whenever we write any article, latter or anything most of the time we make spelling errors and grammatical mistakes and if we are using any software like Read more →

How To Redirect All Your WordPress Blog Feed To FeedBurner With FeedBurner FeedSmith

If you are a blogger and provide RSS feed for your blog update then you must be using FeedBurner because it not only optimize your feed for your readers but Read more →

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