Blogger Now Help In Filtering Comment SPAM

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today Blogger have launched a new feature, which will helps you all in filtering Comment Spam. As many of you must have a blog in, in which you all must gets some Comment Spam. To reduce those spam you might have enabled Comment moderation, Show word verification for comments? or Registered Users.

But now Blogger have bought a new feature by which your blog’s Comment get filtered using Google’s spam filtering technologies in In you will see a new tab (It is not available to everyone yet but soon it will be) where it’s written Comment.

By going to that tab you will see 3 sub-tabs Published, Awaiting Moderation and Spam. By which you can control all types of comments in your blog.

Published: – In this, you will see all the comments in your blog which are published. You can make them as SPAM, DELETE or REMOVE CONTENT by selecting the comments on which you want take the following action
Awaiting Moderation: – works like Comment moderation
SPAM: – All the filtered spam comments by Blogger and You will go here

You can report issues by Clicking here
And if you need any help you can go to help center.
Let us know what you think about this new Blogger feature.

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