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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you how you can download any videos from any website with your Epic or Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download videos from more than 600 website (including YouTube, Facebook, IndiaFM (Bollywood Hungama), IBNlive and many more) and the No. is increasing.

You just need Video Download Helper Add-on in your browser, to get Add-on Click here. After downloading and installing it into your browser you will see a new icon between home icon and address bar. If the icon didn’t appeared then restart your browser or computer. Click on that gray icon to see which are the sites supported (to download videos).

Now go to the site from which you want to download video. After fully page get loaded and if it could able to find any video on that page then the icon color will change and its will be rolling and you will also see a drop-down button beside that icon.

Now click on that drop-down, you will see few names. If you are downloading from YouTube then it will show you the option to download in all resolution as much it is available for that video.
Or to download you can also go to Tools –> DownloadHelper –> Media –> now select any one of them according to you.
Let me know what you think about this add-on to download your videos.

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  1. or there is one more way.. u can use this trick to download from all websites. In mozilla after watching video goto Document & settingsdefault_USERNAMELocal SettingsApplication DataMozilla and u will find a lot of files there. Right click mouse.. put arrange by size and goto the bottom. U will find a file with maximum size. Mostly that will be the video file. Copy that into ur desktop and add .mp4 extension to it by renaming it. Click and open in a media player (best is VLC for mp4) and u will find that thats the video which u saw

  2. @phani: try downloading "Internet Video Downloader" from this page in my blog >><br />it points to the browser cache folder for different browsers – chorme and fox. I have also added an instructions option on how to use. :D<br />@saket: hope ur not mad coz i posted a link to external website… anyway try that program.. i'm sure u will love it. Plus i have included source code in case u want to personalize it.

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