Get Desired Username For Your Facebook Profile

Hi! Everyone, Happy Teachers Day.
In this post I will tell you how to you can have a username for your Facebook account. By having a username you can get rid off in typing your long email ID in Facebook while login, you can also get a small desired profile URL for your Facebook profile then that long numbered URL so it get easy to tell your friend your profile URL, so they can able to find you easily.

Here are the steps to get Facebook username
1.       Login to your Facebook account
2.       After you login at the top-right click on Account –> Account Settings (or Click here)

3.       Then you will see few settings options for your Facebook account in that click on Change in Username option
4.       Now you will see few suggestions by Facebook suggested to you to choose your username
5.       Now if you want to have any username suggested by Facebook then simply select that radio button beside username
6.       If you didn’t like any username suggested by Facebook and you want some other username then that, click on More
7.       Type the your desired username (you can use any letters both upper and lower case, numbers and dot but maximum 4 dots can be use)
8.       Now click on Check availability (before clicking recheck what you have typed in the box)
9.       The they will ask you to recheck your username, then click on Conform

Note: you can’t change your username more than once, so be careful while choosing your username.

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