Want To Kill Some Time By Killing Some Website Contents

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
In this post I will tell you about an interesting thing to kill your spare time by destroying some website contents. Most of you must have played a game where you have to destroy the Asteroids with a rocket, just like that in this also you can destroy the website contents. Just drag and drop the below button to your web browser’s Bookmark bar.

Kick ass

After putting this button into your browser bookmark, click on that bookmark, on any website (can possible few sites won’t work due to some JavaScript) you will see a white arrow appearing top-left side on that website (see in the image below) which will work as a rocket.

Now use the arrow key to move that arrow as you want and press spacebar to kill the contents on that page. And you will also get scores on killing the contents, 10 points on killing per content. You will able to see the scores bottom-right corner of the page.

To quit the game you need to press Esc button. But if you have killed any content and after quilting the game you want it back, you won’t get till you don’t refresh the page.

Thanks to Erkie

Lets us know what you think about it. Now kill your time by destroying contents on websites.

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