Find Out Who Is Online Or Invisible On GTalk

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can track whether your Gtalk friend is invisible or offline. Google have an option of being in invisible mode using Gmail but if you are using Gtalk you won’t be able to get invisible. However follow the following steps to know whether your friend is invisible of offline.

Image credit: louisvolant

1.       Open your Gtalk
2.       Now open the chat box of the friend you want to check the status of
3.       Now click on the drop-down arrow and select Go off the record

4.       Now send a message
5.       If you get something in red ( is offline and can’t receive messages right now.) that means your friend is offline.

6.       If you didn’t got any massage in red that means your friend is in invisible mood

When you select the option Go off the record that means from now when you will send any massage or chat whit that person, your and that persons massages both will not get save in both of your ID. This change is permanent till you want.
And if you want to save the chat then again click on that drop-down and select Stop chatting off the record now all your chat will get save in both of your ID, you and your friend’s ID.

Now enjoy it and catch your friend if he/she is trying to hide from you. 😛

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