ALERT: Be Careful From Hacker Pranav Jain

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine and safe from hackers.
Today in this post I will tell what I never thought I will be posting on but I have to so that what happed with I don’t want it to done with you all. There is a person who’s email ID is and tells his name Pranav Jain and in PayPal his email ID is and in PayPal his name is given as Alok Jain, PayPal info I got form TechPatio where he have made one more crime as freelance writer.

On 8th October i got his friend request on Facebook I don’t add people whom I don’t know but add very less people who is blogger so I added him as I show him in a blogger group. Probably once in a week or two he asks me something through Facebook chat. And from last two-three weeks he was trying to get my trust on him so he can trap me in his web (like spider web). He started with he want to open a site where people can create their own page using WordPress interface for free and they can put whatever they want. So he wanted me to help him financially in that site but I told I don’t think it’s a good idea as because there are many such site are available, anyhow if you still need my help I can give you server space from my HostGator a/c. But he rejected me by saying that he needs access to cPanel to make change in database whenever he wants. Then he told, he will search for a sponsors (for $200 :P) which he didn’t got. After when i asked him did he got any one to sponsor he told no and I dropped my that idea and thinking of something new and at that same time he told he want to show me something funny he made I told ok send me he gave me a link where he have hosted that file so when I downloaded it and run that file I got a popup saying Your computer is not supported so I told him about it after 10 min I got his reply saying try this (with one more link) again I downloaded and run that file got same popup saying your computer is not supported.

After one hour I got a popup saying logout and re-login to your Facebook account. When I show that popup I understood that this Pranav Jain have done something in my PC by sending me that file. But thanks a lot to Akshay Aggarwal (one more blogger friend) who is the author of Screamable and Gadgets n More to help me out from this virus on my PC. Now because of file which Pranav Jain sent to me he got full access on my PC and can see anything and actually it was not virus it was a RAT (Akshay told me) that’s why my anti-virus couldn’t able to catch it and I haven’t installed Firewall on my PC which can alert me.

So Akshay and my suggestion for you all is use good antivirus and should have Firewall installed in PC and if possible you can also use antispyware. You can use Kaspersky Total Security
or BitDefender Total Security both provides all the three things. And one more thing don’t add people you don’t know as I told before also and now see I only got in that trap, so be very careful.
Do share this post with your each and everyone, so everyone know about it and can be careful from him…

9 thoughts on “ALERT: Be Careful From Hacker Pranav Jain”

  1. report thats guys facebook profile.. that b@$t@*d even asked me several times on facebook chat to help him fund out money for his new project site.. but i never ever turned on to proposal at all!!

  2. ive seen these forms of attacks alot this is something people need to understand even if you have had someone in which you do not know on your face book for a week or more do not accept any links to an auto download site unless… you actively Google it to see if it exists anywhere else meaning it was used to harm another pc,
    also for your pc all you got to do is run a system restore and restore your pc to an earlier state before you downloaded that file , to say a day before then after you do that go into my computer local disk c and right click /disk cleanup check everything and clean also clear all but the most recent restore point upon restoring you comp by by logger tool hack

  3. The bad thing is that URL shorteners have made it hard to distinguish between good and bad links so some how people can exploit that weakness…:(

  4. bachke rehna re baba, bachke rehna re… lol

    OK I’m getting serious now…
    You know if some one wants to hack your mail id and password they can get easily with some online tools from the some site without downloading anything. Via URL prefix.

  5. stay away from such people….
    from reading the post i think this guy pranav is behind money for which he can even hack u and take that
    stay away from such people and enjoy …

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