How To View And Change Any Type Of File Extension

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can see and change the extension of any file. It happens many times when we want to see what the file extension of the file is but we couldn’t able to as because it is hidden. And sometime even we need to change the file extension for some work but as because it is hidden we couldn’t able to. So this post is for those how don’t know how to see the file extension of any file.

Image credit: 123RF

Here how you can see if it is hidden
1.       Open My Computer
2.       See at the top in Menu bar
3.       Select Tools –> Folder option
4.       Now select View tab
5.       There you will see written Hide extensions for known file types
6.       Uncheck that box

7.       Click on OK

Now you will able to see the extension of all files

If you want to change extension of any file, just change whatever written after dot (.).
Note: – Whenever you change any file name and extension is not hidden don’t change the name after dot (.) otherwise that file may not work.

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