All About Mobile Number Portability (MNP) In India

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Today in this post I will talk about Mobile Number Portability (MNP). Mobile Number Portability is the most awaited in all over India and is finally launched on 20th January 2011. Haryana is the first state to try it this out, in Haryana it was launched on 27th November 2010 for testing purpose and more than 80,000 people have changed their mobile network operator using MNP. Now let me tell you what and how of Mobile number portability (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Let me tell you first how you can change your operator, here how you can

  1. Send a SMS “PORT <Your Mobile Number>  to 1900
    Massage Body: PORT 9812345678
    Send to: 1900
  2. Now you will receive a SMS from 1901 with a Unique Porting Code with an expiry date and time after which that code will not work if you didn’t port your number before that date
  3. Now go to the nearest  Official store of the respective mobile operator you want and collect a form for mobile portability
  4. Now fill that form and also in that form you need to give the Unique Porting Code (UPC) which you got while sending an SMS to 1900
  5. Then submit that form to that operator from where you have collected it
  6. And within seven days your number will get port to new operator

Q.1) What is Mobile number portability (MNP)?
A.1) Mobile Number Portability or MNP let you continue with your current mobile telephone numbers when you are changing from one mobile network operator to another.

Q.2) If I didn’t port my number before the expiry date of Unique Porting Code, will I not able to port anymore?
A.2) In general UPC expires after 15 days from the day you sent the SMS to 1900. And Yes, you will able to port even after UPC get expire but you have to resend the same SMS and you will get a new Unique Porting Code (UPC) which you can use it to apply.

Q.3) Will I able to transfer my current prepaid balance to new operator?
A.3) No, you will not able to transfer your current prepaid balance to new operator.

Q.4) In the process my mobile number will get disconnect?
A.4) Yes in the seven days process your mobile number will get disconnect for two hours, in the night between 11 PM to 5 AM (IST).

Q.5) Will I get charge for porting my number?
A.5) Yes, you will be changed of Rs.19 for porting your number by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), which you need to pay to your new operator.

Q.6) How many time I will able to change my operator?
A.6) As for now there is no limit, you can port your number as much time as you want. But you need to complete 90 days with the new operator after porting.

Q.7) I am currently using my number in West Bengal and want to port it to Delhi, will I able to do that?
A.7) No, you will not able to port your number from one state to another, you need to port within the circle (state).

Q.8) How old my number should be to port it to new operator?
A.8) Your number should be 90 days old before you can apply for porting.

Q.9) Only prepaid or only postpaid subscribers will able to take advantage of MNP?
A.9) Both prepaid and postpaid subscriber can take advantage of MNP.

Q.10) Will I able to take advantage of MNP without carry forwarding my dues of existing operator?
A.10) No, there should be no dues before you port your number to new operator.

Q.11) What are documents I need to carry when I go to apply for MNP?
A.11) You need to carry Proof Of Identity (POI) and Proof Of Address (POA)

Q.12) Will able to shift from CDMA to GSM or GSM to CDMA on MNP?
A.12) Yes you can shift from CDMA to GSM or GSM to CDMA in MNP, just you should have supported mobile for that.

Q.13) Will I able to cancel my MNP request?
A.13) Yes, you can cancel your MNP request within 24 hours from the time you requested for MNP, with a written application.

Q.14) Will I get refund of Rs. 19 porting after I cancel MNP request?
A.14) No, you will not get your refund of Rs. 19 after once you made the request for MNP by submitting the form.

Q.15) Can in use MNP for my landline phone?
A.15)  As MNP is Mobile Number Portability so it is only for mobile not for landline or any other, so answer is No.

Q.16) Will I get a new SIM card from new operator?
A.16) yes, you will get a new SIM from new operator before your number gets ported.

Q.17) Do I have to return my old SIM card?
A.17) No, in any case you don’t need to return your old SIM card.

Q.18) If I have Vodafone number register on my name and I want to transfer it to other person’s name during the process of MNP, is it possible to do?
A.18) No, you can’t transfer the number to the other person’s name during the process of MNP.

Q.19) How will I get to know, now I have to change my old SIM card with the new one or how will I get to know my number is ported to new operator?
A.19) You will get an SMS with the date and time of porting so according to that you can change your SIM card.

For testing purpose I sent an SMS to 1900 and afterwards I got a call from my operator regarding why I want to port my number. So you have a chance to demand what you want from your mobile network operator.  :p

So if you are going to change your operator then do let us know by commenting below and also with the reason so other also can know about that operator. And if I have missed any questions which you want to know regarding MNP do let me know by commenting below.

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  1. I want to know that
    I) if mnp is done then all the calls will be routed through old service provider or i get calls directly from my new provider.

    1. After your number get ported to new operator now you are no more in link with your old operator… So all your calls will be routed directly through new operator…

  2. Thank you Saket, for this great information. I was also wondering about the details of MNP. You’ve comprehensively taken up this issue. Great job!

  3. Dear Jajaodia Saket
    Thanks for your detailed report om MNP. Keep up the good work and looking forward for more such informative articles.

  4. My number is registered in Do Not Disturb Registry. Will it continue to be there, should I switch to some other operator using MNP?

    1. No, you have to reactivate your DND (Do Not Disturb)… As when you port your number only your number will get ported with registration details and nothing else….

  5. After gets porting, what will happen to my phone book numbers? Will i have to save it all again?

    1. The number in your cell phone will be in your cell phone only but the numbers which are saved in your SIM card you need to 1st save them in your cell phone or you need to reenter them…

  6. i am a vodaphone customer and i want to port my number to other because its call rate is 1.2paise per sec and its sms pack is also too high like 89 rs per month bt only benifit is abt its internet service which is 98 rs per month so plz suggest me new operator which have low call rate with internet facility

  7. Hi i just sent a sms to 1900 to port my number to vodafone but i didnt get any rply frm 1901. Pls tell me how long it will take to get a rply from 1901.

    1. Just know I have given a try and got instant reply, call to existing customer support and ask them, might be they give you some extra benefits so you that don't port your number.. 🙂

  8. hello everyone i have used vodaafone number and recently i have take MNP services last month with IDEA in delhi 14th april 2011,
    i have cleared bill amount before MNP and successfully my operator change also i have pay new operator bill, but suddernely i have received one message through vodafone your outstanding amount Rs. 414/- and also intimated if you not pay your amount before 23-05-2011 den i will suspension your current operator i don't understood what this can any one help me what i will do against vodafone

    1. I think you should go and talk with people at Vodafone, I will suggest to go to thir Vodafone store (not mini store) and have a talk with them.

  9. sir……….

    i am used idea mobile..plz am trasfer to bsnl how to process sir…plz give suggestion

    1. Sorry, I won't be able to tell this. I think this you should only decide because you know better how you use and who is giving better plans. 🙂

  10. Hi, I have a pre-paid connection but that is in a friend's name. Will I be able to apply for MNP for that pre-paid for a new postpaid in my name?

    1. MNP is for changing from one service to another, it is not for changing pre-paid to post-paid or for changing registration name. And if you want to apply all three I don't think it is possible, however you can give a try or you can do is first change the pre-paid to post-paid and registration name then apply for MNP.

  11. Can I port form one circle to another? for e.g, can i post my Kerala BSNL number to Tamilnadu Vodafone number?

  12. i have applied for mnp from airtel to aircel. After a day i got a call from airtel and they offered very cheap rated calls without any extra charge after that offer i used to cancel my request by sms within 36 hrs. but they hv mis-committed me any the call rate were not changed. its already 7 days gone and i did’nt get any kind of further alert for my request whether it has been done or not.

    1. I use Vodafone but I don't use GPRS on my phone, I have heard Airtel is good but I will suggest you to ask people who use GPRS on Airtel and speed also depends on area to area.

  13. first time i ported the number then i quick got upc but after expire i resend the request for porting it takes time. why?

  14. I have to port my mobile no, but i am not able to get porting code. I am trying to send the the massage to 1900 but always massage failed. I am currently using aircel.

  15. Hi,
    I have a porting ID which has expired, and can i use that to port.
    because previously it was MTS, and now the SIM is deacticvated and i cant send port Message any more.. please reply.

    Thank you.

  16. I am sending the sms to 1900 but my current operator BSNL is not sending the sms. I have tried more than 10 times and every possible method to send it but I don't know why it is happening. I have also sent it a few months back just for testing… Please answer .. what to do??

  17. Hello,

    I have a telenor sim and it will be currently stopped and i didn't get my UPC code on my number, how can i port this number to another operator

  18. Hi there,

    Greetings! I have a quick question to ask. Can I recharge my number with a rate cutter or talk time balance after generating a Unique Porting Code. I have finished all paper work with new operator yesterday. I am porting out of Aircel into Vodafone. The question more specifically – till the new operator activates my sim card can I recharge as queried above?

    Thanks for your timely response.


  19. I have opted to port my Aircel number to idea because Aircel has poor coverage in my city (faridabad) but everything has been done so far but the SIM card is not disconnected yet.

    Applied date 12 January till today 28 January no change. I feel disappointed

  20. The stores refuse to just port a number without recharging the number. I want to just port my docomo number to vodafone and just enjoy incoming facility. Can i do that
    And is it legal for stores to refuse porting without recharging?

  21. after exchanging the old sim with the new one…..what is the further process….i heard that we have to call or do something please exp;ain that process in detail that after exchanging the old sim with the new one what should be the procedure

  22. My mob no belongs to Aircel. Now a days the network of this company is not working. In Delhi at some places there is signal of this company. I want to change the mobile operator. I sent the PORT 9711172163 sms to 1900 5 times but no response is obtained. What should I do? Please suggest.

  23. I have Aircel number from Tamilnadu . Can i able to port that into Vodafone or Airtel of Karnataka?

  24. Respected sir
    Please give me some information for sim porting.
    I have new sim of my old number and I lost my old number. I want to port my number into another network but I don’t have port code. Then what should I do?

  25. I have sent the number to 1900 and got message and that was detailed now want the code again what should i
    do now??

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