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Hi! Everyone, hope you are fine and having fun.
If you have any quire, problems or want to ask anything do let me know by posting on my Facebook Pages wall, by Tweeting me @Jajodia_Saket or by emailing admin[AT]SJbn[DOT]Co. Now coming to the point I am writing this post is, as I announce last week that my blog have completed its 6 months and now have started accepting guest post also and today I am going to give a giveaway type of to all of you. In giveaway I will be giving an Invite to Quora.


Quora was founded in April 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, who was previously CTO and VP of engineering at Facebook, and Charlie Cheever, who led Facebook Connect and Facebook Platform. Quora is privately held and funded by Benchmark Capital, and is based in Palo Alto, CA.

It is a collection of questions and answers. You can add, created, edited, and organized questions and answers. You can also categorize questions by adding topics to them, summarize answers on a question page, and edit any question or summary. Duplicate questions and topics are unified so that the content on the site keeps getting better instead of getting fragmented. Users can follow questions, topics and people, which create a stream of relevant questions and answers for each user. The site is closely monitored and maintained by its users so the quality of questions and answers stays high.

Founder and CEO Adam D’Angelo said:

“Our belief is that more than 90% of the information people want to know is still not available on the web in a format that’s easy for them to quickly understand,”

“People really want to share their knowledge with others, and we’re building a system for everyone to do that much more easily and efficiently than they have ever been able to.”

So if you want to have the invitation of Quora just make a comment below with the reason why you want this Invitation. And don’t forget to give your correct email ID at the place of Mail (your email ID will not be published) so I can send you invitation on that.

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And share this post with everyone so they can also join Quora and enjoy with you.

121 thoughts on “Get An Invitation Of Quora”

  1. Hi There

    I am looking forward to join Quora to be part of contributors club and also share thoughts in the form of questions.

    I am an Entrepreneurial and Business Coach, Management Consultant to many organizations. I strongly believe that your invite will help me leverage on sharing knowledge on collective contribution model.

    Appreciate your help. Look forward

    Shyam Mantha

  2. Hmmm let me see:
    1. To track some really interesting questions and answers(they are usually a good source of insightful answers and good questions).

    2.For getting really high quality, authoritative content on any topic that we are interested in.

  3. hey i can have a deal wid u…actly m comin wid the new web site within 3 months of time spam…n i like ur idea..can i have Quran as one application…lookin forward fr ur reply…

  4. I look forward to your invite to join Quora as an invite is the only way I can join!!
    AND I want to join Quora as it seems to be a great platform to share knowledge and insights on a variety of topics with diverse people.

  5. I enjoyed looking around your blog and appreciate you being willing to spread some love with the Quora invites. I would like snag and invite so that I can contribute to the conversation there and get an early start on what looks to be a great new community.


  6. Please, send me an invitation, i want to imporve my knowledge about Venture Capital. I need to investigate if people at Quora can help me.

    Thanks in advance from Spain.

  7. Hi!
    We would like to join Quora to further our awareness raising efforts with regard to the world’s wildlife crises. These include that of the tigers, rhinos, elephants, sharks, and all other creatures. Our focus is on the human aspect of these problems, with special attention to poaching, bushmeat trade, and all illegal wildlife trade. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    Bush Warriors

  8. I would like to join quora in order to gain knowledge and to share things which i know…

  9. Thank you for your wonderful blog and for your offer to share Quora invites. I would be using Quora to research further Green business opportunities.

  10. hi i could use a quora invitation cause i enjoy sharing and absorbing information. knowledge is king

  11. Hi,
    I would like to join this as I feel I can contribute to it with my background of electronics and work as a software professional.Also, gaining and spreading knowledge has been a passion and I am an aspiring entrepreneur too.

  12. im hoping you still have some invite(s) left.. if it is so kindly send me one @ h****** 🙂 btw im a software developer and im looking to increase and share my knowledge just like most of us here

  13. Hi. I am looking forward to improve my skills and knwoledge with help of people like you and others at Quora community… Thanks in advance…

  14. Hi mate,

    I would like to help grow Quora since, like many, I`m also tired of sorting through Google trying to find the answer I`m looking for only to find out that a lot of Google search results are completely stuffed with BS. Addiotionally, my help is also lost amidst so much crap. I feel that maybe, in quora, I shall be able to help more people with a better organized system …

    If you still have Quora`s invitation available, I would like to have one =)

    Many thanks!

  15. I am working as web developer in a company and I want to have access to Q&A about technical issues. Also I want to have knowledge about Quora, because we are developing a portal that uses social media and maybe Quora will be used as a tool.

    Thank you.

  16. Hi!!! I’m studying spanish language, and having a quora account would help me a lot, don’t you think? 🙂

    So, if u don’t mind…

    Thanks, anyway!

  17. hi I’m the Managing director of a digital marketing solution company based in Italy, I’ve read about Quora today in Newsweek and I’m eager to exchange with views on the future of technology in Europe.

  18. Hi Saket
    Hope you have few invitations.I am Business Analyst in a Software Company.Since Quora is best platform to gain knowledge and insights directly from the leaders in the industry I wish to join.I wish to contribute in my possible ways because Knowledge belongs to the world

  19. I would like to have an invitation of Quora as I would like to learn more about web designing and other trends in web world. At the same time I would like to share a drop of knowledge which I have with others.

  20. I am the founder and developper of a small agency doing webdesign in Southern Chile. I have been online since CompuServe time which was a gold mine as far as getting ideas and solution for daily issues. Already in the 2nd part of my life and still so many things to learn.

  21. I’m sick of all other internetz like twitter, reddit, friendfeed etc. I want a new place to discover. Thanks.

  22. I am graduating in a few months and have accepted my first job at SAP and think i may have some knowledge to contribute. I have read up on Quora and seems to be a very good platform to get and share knowledge from industry.

  23. Thanks for the Help Saket. Its me who posted on your profile moments ago… sorry.

    Well… it could be cool if you still have some invitations you could send to me? s*

    If not – thanks for replying, you seem like one of the good guys :-))


  24. Hi
    I am looking into starting an internet venture and would like to see what I can learn from quora.. Thanks

  25. Hi,

    I am MBA student and technologist. I keep tracking many of the questions of quora manually. Currently doing a research project on Freemium models and Quora questions and answers have helped me a lot. I personally see that Quora is a very good base of knowledge interaction.
    Can you send me an invitation, I want to be part of that interaction?

  26. Im a UX Designer and Quora is more than a good source for me.. I would like an invitation in order to can follow some responders and make my own questions…and of course if I can answer others questions 🙂

    Can you send me an invitation?

    Thanks in advanced!!!

  27. Hi Saket I’m an Engineer trying to learn and develop my entrepreneurial skill. These days i browse Quora through hacker news links but i’m not able post any questions to clear my doubts. Would really appreciate if you could send me an invite to Quora

    Thanks In Advance.

  28. Please send me an invitation to join Quora.
    I want to join Quora because I frequently use internet in search of answers to different types of questions and problems which include academic, philosopic, scientific and of course computer and other gadget software and hardware troubleshooting etc.

    Thanks a lot for your post.

    Looking forward for interacting with you in future.

  29. Please send me an invitation to join Quora; I would like to join Quora because (I think) it's a wonderful place to share knowledge.

    thanks in advance (… from Italy)


  30. Hello Saket,

    Looking to bridge gaps in various areas starting from entreprenuerial management to employee/employer relationships. Kindly provide an invite which will allow me to pass on my learnings to all out there.


  31. Hi Saket,

    I am a software developer and like to gain my knowledge. Please invite me in quora. 🙂

  32. Hi,

    would appreciate Quora invite. Will be much needed to power our knowledge base and educational optins. many thanks!


  33. would appreciate Quora invite. Will be much needed for enhancing knowledge base and for all academic/educational needs. Thanks a lot!

  34. Saket i would like to explore Quora. Would appreciate a invite from you.

    Thanks a lot.

  35. Saket Would appreciate a invite from you to Quora in-order to learn and develop my entrepreneurial skill with help of others

    Thanking you in advance
    noel richard

  36. Please send me a quora invite
    Thanks so much in advance

    * Name * Warenha
    * Mail * b********

  37. Hi.I am so happy that I found this.I want to join Quora as I would like quality answers to many questions that I have.I am tired of Yahoo answers.

  38. Hi,
    I want to get a quora invitation to study and use it to analyse my website. I want to join quora to study the more knowledge and to make my website more well.

  39. I'm a college student from China, and I major in telecommunication. I want to use Quora for learning experience and great mind from pioneers.

    Thank you in advance.

  40. Hi find out Quora just few months ago, and i've always wanted to take part in it…i'm a graphic design and i'm really curious about this project started by an ex-facebooker..
    please, send me an invitation at j********! 🙂 thanks!

  41. I want to get a quora invitation to study and use it to analyse my website. I want to join quora to study the more knowledge and to make my website more well.

  42. I would like to learn from people that actually know when they answer. I would really appreciate an invitation and always remember who I got it from.

  43. Hi Saket,

    Appreciate your sending invites to people and filtering the genuine people by applying some mechanism. I am part of Indian IT services industry and presently looking forward to getting into newer technologies which will ultimately lead me to opening up something of my own. A big journey but someday….!! 🙂

    I am sure Quora will be a good tool to be part of a network which adds genuine value to questions and I want to be benefited by that.

    Thanks in advance.

  44. I would love to join the quora community to see the sane answers by people who really know it all

  45. Hello, I cannot tell you directly what I am going to do with quora. I need invitation to understand the whole site and find out how me and our company can utilize it. Thanks

  46. I love to write on Math and Engineering subjects that are usually taught badly in colleges. I have tried this with several students and they were pleasantly surprised how they could get insights into what they thought was just mumbo-jumbo

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