How To Change Your FeedBurner Feed Address Without Losing Your Readers

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can change your FeedBurner feed address without losing your readers. It can be possible that you have a FeedBurner feed URL which you think it doesn’t look good on my blog anymore and you want to change it. For example you have a blog on ( and your feed URL is and now you are shifted to self hosted WordPress blog ( and you want your feed URL is, so how you can do that

Here how you can
1.       Go to or
2.       Login to your account
3.       Open the feed of which you want to change the URL
4.       Click on Edit Feed Details… (on top)
5.       Now change the Feed Address (with the address you want)
Now you have to work quick because your old feed address is now available in public and any one register it after you click on Save Feed Details

6.       After you changed the address click Save Feed Details
7.       Now be quick and go to My Feeds page
8.       Below all your feeds you will see Burn a feed right this instant.
9.       Give you blog feed address
10.   Then click on Next » button
11.   The place of Feed Address give your old feed address
12.   Then click on Next »
13.   Now go My Feeds page

Now you can change the old feed address with new one on your blog and other social pages. Now if you want to your old feed get 301 redirect to new one continue reading with next step or you can leave it like this, your old reader can continue using your old URL if they don’t get to know about new one.

14.   Then click on the feed  you have just created with the old feed address
15.   Now click on Delete Feed… (on top)
16.   Now tick the Use 30 day redirection box
17.   I will suggest you to click on Learn more…. To know everything  about it
18.   Now click on Delete Feed button

Note:- if you 301 redirect your old feed then it your old feed URL will get redirect to the feed address you have given but only for 15 days and after that it will show This feed is no longer active. A new feed is located at “YOUR FEED ADDRESS for next 15 days then after total 30 days get over it will start showing 404 error and maybe anyone else can use it for their feed address.

Get Google Engage For Your Online Business

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Today in this post I will tell you about Google Engage for Agencies. Google Engage for Agencies is a new service by Google which can help you if you are a Web developer, webmasters or any such and manage websites of your clients. It will help in growing your business. And help Google will get people attract to their Advertising program.

In Google Engage program, Google will provide you free online training on relevant Google products like AdWords, Places, Analytics, etc. You will also get free AdWords vouchers which you can pass to your clients to advertise their business using Google AdWords for free.

If you are having problem in viewing the videos Click here.

You will need to apply for this program (free) if you are in any of the following country Australia (FAQs), India (FAQs), United Kingdom (FAQs) and United States (FAQs).Click on the name of your country to apply.

I am thinking of applying for it soon, what do you think?

Total Domain Name Registrations Chart

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Today in this post I will tell you about total domain name registered worldwide. According to VeriSign more than 201.8 million domain name registrations across all Top Level Domains (TLDs), an increase of 3.8 million domain names, or 2 percent over the second quarter. Registrations have grown by 13.3 million, or 7 percent over the past year. The base of Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) was 79.2 million domain names, a 1.4 percent increase quarter over quarter, and 2.4 percent year-over-year.

There are many sites which use millions of sub domains (like *, * and many more) and those are not counted the above repot.

How To Make Use Of Windows Key In 20+ Ways

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can use Windows Key in many different ways. Windows key is the which have four squares made on it and stuck in the middle of Ctrl and Alt key (left side of your keyboard), Mostly use (if anyone use it)as the shortcut key for opening Start menu at the down-left corner of your screen.

Image credit: Sparks68

Below I will refer Windows key as Windows icon ⊞

  1. ⊞ : Start menu
  2. ⊞ + B = Focus on Notification bar (beside where you see time)
  3. ⊞ + D = Minimize all window and goes to the desktop (if you press it twice it will reopen all the window which get minimize)
  4. ⊞ + E = Windows Explorer
  5. ⊞ + F = Search window (to search files and folder in your computer)
  6. ⊞ + G = Bring Windows Sidebar gadgets in front and makes the focus it
  7. ⊞ + L = Lock the active user (if it is password protected) and switch user
  8. ⊞ + R = Opens Run dialog box
  9. ⊞ + T = Focus on items opened in Taskbar
  10. ⊞ + U = Open Utility Manager also known as Ease of Access
  11. ⊞ + M = Minimize all window
  12. ⊞ + Shift + M = Restore windows that were minimized with ⊞ + M
  13. ⊞ + F1 = Windows Help window
  14. ⊞ + Alt + Entre ↵ = Open Window Media Center
  15. ⊞ + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 and so on = Switch between windows
  16. ⊞ + + / - = Open the Magnifier Utility
  17. ⊞ + Ctrl + F = Find Computer
  18. ⊞ + Ctrl + Alt + Entre ↵ = Open Properties of any selected files and folder
  19. ⊞ + Tab ⇆ = Change/cycle focus on desktop and Taskbar (may not work if all application is not minimize)
  20. ⊞ + Pause / Break = System Properties
  21. ⊞ + Shift + / arrow key = Move the active window from one monitor to the other (when more than one monitor is used)
  22. ⊞ + Ctrl + Tab ⇆ = Focus goes to Quick launch toolbar (use Tab, left arrow and right arrow key to navigate) (may not work if all application is not minimize)

Note: – Some of the function may not work in Windows XP. If you don’t have Windows key on your keyboard then you can use Ctrl + Esc to open Start menu.

How To Confuse An Idiot

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Today in this post I will tell and show you how you can confuse and idiot. To confuse an idiot is not hard but even for that also you need to be little tricky. So here how you can. There is a video below watch that video for full detailed information.

Note: – this video may take time to load so please be patient (it will worth doing)

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How To Ping Or Resync To Fix Errors Of Your Feed In FeedBurner

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can Ping or Resync your blog feed in FeedBurner. FeedBurner is the one of the best way to track your feed readers and monetize your content on FeedBurner. FeedBurner auto update your feeds in every half an hour after you make post and if you are using blog then it will update in intent as you make a post. But sometime it happens that you need to update your FeedBurner feed intent because you have made some update in your blog or you are not using for your blog and want to give this update to your reader instantly.

So here how you can Ping or Resync your feed

To Ping your feed
Simply go to and there you type your blog address it will Ping your feed

To Resync your feed
1.       Go to or
2.       Login to your account
3.       Go to the feed of which you want to Resync
4.       Now click on Troubleshootize tab
5.       Now scroll down there you will see a button called Resync Now

6.       Click on that button and your blog feed is Resync full

There is no different between Ping and Resync. If you are at the place you can’t login to your FeedBurner account then at that time you can Ping your feed but it can happen that even after you Ping your feed won’t get updated. So if any such thing happens or you are facing any problem in your feeds then you can Resync then it will defiantly update your feed.

If you have any question or problem let me know

How To Auto Digg Your Blog Using RSS Feed

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can auto Digg your blog post using your blog feed. Digg is the one of the top social network to drive traffic to your site and after Digg introduced a new Digg layout and features they also added a feature by which people can auto Digg their posts using Feeds. Now let see how you can do that

Image credit: emciem

1.       Go to
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now at the top-right corner of the page you will see your profile picture
4.       Beside that there is a drop down click on it
5.       Then go to Settings –> Import Feeds

6.       Now enter your feed URL and choose the topic for your site
7.       Then click on Add Feed button
8.       Now they will ask you to verify by giving a long key
9.       Copy the anyone key (batter to copy is the second one look something like )
10.   And past that key in any of your recent post or in the feed page
11.   Then click on Verify Now button

12.   If the feed didn’t got verify and if you are using FeedBurner then ping your feed then verify again
13.   After if get verified then if you want you can remove that key which you past to verify

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