How To Restore Muliple Tabs In Google Chrome Browser

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Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can restore all your in Google Chrome. Like Firefox and Internet Explorer Google Chrome also allows you to restore all your tabs but unlike Firefox and Internet Explorer, Google Chrome wont worn you while closing multiple tabs at a time.

It happens that we working on something and for that work we have opened up many web pages in multiple tabs and now you have to shut down your computer and go somewhere in middle of work. So if you close all those tabs then after coming back you must need all those tabs back, so what you do, copy all links somewhere or after coming back go to History option and open each tab one by one.

You don’t need to do so many hard works to bring back those tabs. To save your time and less hard work in Google Chrome there is an option by which you can restore all your tabs when you come back, to do so just go to Customize and control Google Chrome –> select Options –> Basic tab –> there you select Reopen the pages that were open last option then clock on Close button

Reopen the pages that were open last

Now whenever you will close and go any amount of tabs in your nest session it will reopen all those tabs which you have closed.

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