How To Transfer Files Using Torrent (Create New Torrent)

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can create a Torrent file. Basically we use torrent to transfer file which are big size like 1 GB to 500 GB (even more). And all most all of you must have used torrent to download music, moves, software, etc. And there might be a time have come that you wanted to transfer big files using torrent and don’t know how to create a torrent


So let see how you can create a torrent file

  1. Download and install any Torrent software, if you don’t have one  in your computer (you can use µTorrent for Windows, Transmission for Mac, Deluge for Windows, Mac and Linux or BitTotternt for Windows, Mac and Linux)
  2. Open your Torrent software
  3. Now select Files –> Create New Torrent (you can also try Ctrl + N shortcut key to create new torrent)
  4. Select Source file (where your file is in your computer which you want to transfer using torrent)
  5. Now you need to gave some tracker name by which your files will get transfer
  6. By default there must be some tracker URL or Click here to get more tracker URLs

  7. Select Start seeding
  8. If you want to create your torrent private (hide from torrent search engine) select Private torrent
  9. Now click on Create and save as…
  10. Create New Torrent

  11. Now it will ask you to save your Torrent file (.torrent) wherever you want you can save it

Send that file (.torrent) to your friends or to whomever you want to. Now when they will run that torrent file in there torrent software it will start downloading.

Note: –

  1. You need to keep your computer and your torrent software ON (when downloadder is downloading from your torrent file)
  2. Don’t change the location of the source file/folder (till downloader completes downloading)

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