Use FeedDemon’s Panic Button To Mark All Unread Articles As Read

Hi! Everyone, hope you al are fine.
Toda y in this post I will tell you about FeedDemon Panic Button. I have told you about FeedDemon, FeedDemon is a desktop based feed reader with lots of great features. It also helps you to feeds offline. Like that one of its features is Panic Button which helps you in mark all unread feeds as read.

From last few days I couldn’t able to read my feeds because of Holi (Indian Festival) so tonight when I opened my feed a got an alert saying

You have1,401 unread articles. That’s a lot to read!

This isn’t email – you don’t have to read everything. Perhaps it’s time to hit the panic button and let FeedDemon mark articles as read for you?

FeedDemon Panic Button

This is the first time I got after I started using it and I like this feature when we get lots of unread articles its better mark them as read. So when you get lots of unread articles in FeedDemon, it will automatically warn you when you open it.

If you don’t get also this alert and want to mark all are articles as read in FeedDemon just right click on Subscriptions folder (the very first folder) and select Mark All Feeds Read or press Shift+Ctrl+R.

And if you want to change the settings of Panic Button when you want to it to appear and other settings go to Tools –> Hit Panic Button!… –> Options… and you will get option like Show the “Panic Button” warning when I reach number of unread articles and Limit selected folders or Panic Button.

FeedDemon Panic Button Options

To subscribe to all my blogs to your FeedDemon go to File –> Import/Export –> Import Feeds select Import an OPML file and copy-past this URL http://img.SJbn.Co/feeds.opml, now it will subscribe you to all my blog’s feed.

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