Create Website Slideshow Using BridgeURL

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can create website slideshow. BridgeURL is a website helps you in sharing multiple links with one URL. You can create slideshow of multiple webpages and websites you want. To change the slide or page click on left or right panel. - Google

For instance you want to share few show few websites to your friend so you can list all the website URL on and create a page, now you will get a link share that one link with your friend and he will able to view all that website with that one link in a slideshow.

Or there are few website you frequently view, so for that also you can use this website. Suppose you went to somewhere and you want to browse those website you frequently view, so if you have created a BridgeURL of those links then you can easily type your BridgeURL and browse all those URLs easily. And you don’t even have to remember all URLs you can simply remember one BridgeURL and get access to all your URLs.

If you want to see which all URLs are in a BridgeURL just add /all after BridgeURL link for e.g.: this is your BridgeURL link add and see all the URLs containing in a BridgeURL slide.

Note: – As they use iframe to show websites then there are some website which may not work (for e.g. Click here) because they have blocked iframe view for some reason.

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