Remove (Revoke Access) Third-Party Apps Access From Your Google Accounts

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can remove third-party app or website which has access to your Google Account. If you used third-party apps or websites which you have given access to your information on Google account (e.g.: or Facebook Friend Exporter) and now you don’t want to use those apps and want to remove there access from your Google account information. And you don’t know how you can.

Google accounts logo

Let me tell you how you can

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account
  3. Now search and click on Authorizing applications & sites
  4. Authorizing applications & sites

  5. It may again ask you to re-enter password for security reasons, re-enter and login again
  6. Now you will see list of apps and website which have access to your Google account and what information they are accessing
  7. Beside every app you will see Revoke Access link
  8. Click on Revoke Access from the one you want remove access
  9. Connected Sites, Apps, and Services - Revoke Access

Now that app or website will not able to access your Google account information anymore. If you have any question or problem let me know.

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