Check Your Website In Many Different Major Web Browser With Adobe BrowserLab

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can check your website in different browser and versions. Suppose if you are a web designer or a programmer, you made a website for your client and you want to check if it is working fine in all the major web browsers or not. So what will you do download the major web browsers and check or will ask your friends to check?

Testing Jajodia-Saket.SJbn.Co In Adobe BrowserLab

No, you don’t have to there is a simple solution for that it is called Adobe BrowserLab. It is an online service by Adobe which helps you in testing your website in different major web browsers, in different version and in different platform also.

You can compare the look of different browser by putting side by side or by putting one over the other (Onion Skin)or Alignment mode you can check position of content is same in all browsers or not.

When you type the address and press enter it will load the full webpage in there server, take the screenshot of that full page and send you that screenshot. You can mention the number seconds to delay in taking the screenshot that page.

You will able to test with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari in Windows and OS X (Mac) platform.

Note: – To use Adobe BrowserLab you need to have an account in

You can also use it in Firefox by installing an Add-ons (all so need Firebug) or in Adobe Dreamweaver (CS4 and above) by installing an extension.

This video will tell you how you can use Adobe BrowserLab in your Web Browser and in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Adobe BrowserLab To Preview Your Web Designs
If you are having problem in viewing the videos click on the above image.

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