Now You Can View Zip And RAR Files From Your Gmail And Google Docs Viewer

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can zip and RAR files online. Google Docs lets you view many different types of files online, so that you can know if that file have any use by downloading or not. But when someone send you bunch of files in a zip or RAR file to your Gmail account then before it wasn’t possible that without downloading you can find out which if it is important for you to download or not.

Zip and RAR in Gmail

But now Google also let you view zip or RAR files online. So if someone sends you a zip or RAR file in your Gmail account you will see a view button beside that attached file, click on it and view what are the files available in that zip or RAR file.

Google Docs - Example zip files

Or if you are going to download anything from internet but before downloading you want to check if it is good to download. So there also you can use Google Docs viewer as we use it to view other files Example 1 and Example 2. You will not able to view formats like gZip and password protected files.

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