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Today in this post I will tell how you can get subtitles of movies. Subtitle is transcript (text version) of the dialog of movies and television shows. It help you to understand what the characters are saying when the movies and shows are not available in your native language.

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So if you are watching any movie or TV show in your computer and which is not in your native language and even it don’t have subtitles in your native language then you may face problem while watching. So you can download subtitle so that you can understand what they are saying. is a website that lets you download subtitle of thousands movie and TV show for free. You will able to search subtitles by the movie name or by the language you want in.

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  1. there is a player called BS player which automatically downloads subtitles from subscene and opensubtitles and saves it in the movie's root folder or inner folder(if u set in options). One of the most useful players i found. I open it, when the subtitle gets downloaded i reopen it in my favorite KMV(better than VLC – my opinion) and play it.. 😀

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