How To Create Favicon For Your Blog Or Website With FavIconist

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can create your own favicon online. If you have a blog or website then you must also have a favicon for it. Favicon is a tiny icon which we can see beside the name of the website on our browser’s tab/window (see in the below image). It makes website look more branded and lets visitors find it easily if they have opened bunch of tabs.

Saket Jajodia's blog Favicon is an online tool that lets you create favicon for you blog or website. You can create favicon using text and color. You can give the text which you want to show in your favicon, apply stylish Google Fonts API’s font, and give solid color or (Linear/Radial) gradient color to the text and background to make your favicon look more branded. In text you can also use special characters but they may take more time to render.


While editing if you will notice in your browser’s title bar, the favicon of their website is dynamic it will also change and show you the live preview how it going to look in that small size on your web browser. After you created your favicon you can download and upload it to your server or you can use their server to host favicon and use the given code in your blog or website’s head tag.

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