How To Create Your Own Custom Wikipedia E-Book (PDF Book)

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can get a Wiki book. If you want to read some of the Wikipedia articles offline or need to make a project, need references from Wikipedia and don’t have internet connection in home, so you can go to any internet café, create a ebook of Wikipedia, bring that PDF book in a pendrive or CD and read it at home on your computer, phone or any other device that support PDF.

Create Your Custom Wikipedia-Book

To create a Wikipedia ebook (PDF book) simply

  1. Go to Create a book page and click on Start book creator button
  2. Now you will see a Book creator box on every Wikipedia page
  3. Now go to the page you want to add in your book
  4. Now from Book creator box, click on Add this page to your book link (do the step for all the page which you want to add in your book)
  5. Wikipedia Book creator

  6. After you add all the pages in your book, click on Show book link from Book creator box
  7. Give a Title and Subtitle to your book, then from left click on Download button

You can download this book as PDF, OpenDocument Text and openZIM. You can also hover over the any link on Wikipedia and you will get the option to add that page in your book. All those books that you create in Wikipedia are made under Creative Commons License. When you will save the book it will be well formatted and categorized. Incase if you didn’t like the layout or anything you can always edit it and resave it.

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