Here Is The First Look At Bigg Boss Season 5 House

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Today in this post I will show you first look at Bigg Boss house. From tomorrow (2nd October 2011) Bigg Boss season 5 is going to start and if you eager to have a first look at new Bigg Boss house then here you go

First Look At Bigg Boss Season 5 House
If you are having problem in viewing the videos click on the above image.

The interior decoration and designing for Bigg Boss season 5 house is done by Shayam Bhatia, who has experimenting with contrasting colors and has given a rich, vibrant feel to the house. The Bigg Boss house is located in Karjat, and attractive tourist outpost in the foothills of Matheran. The house is well furnished, with the latest amenities, two bedrooms and four toilet bathrooms. There is a garden, activity area, pool and gym in the house.

The sprawling Bigg Boss house covers 9000 square feet area, for season 5, the house will be more compact, giving relatively less privacy compared to the past seasons. The confession room has been elaborately decorated with shades of green. As mentioned, there is an intricately designed open kitchen that will be connected to the dining room, which opens at the garden area.

This time, the outdoors will get more prominence because it includes the gymnasium, the activity area, the pool and the kitchen sink. There is also something known as “Zorb” the Head-of-The House Lounge, which is created especially for the Head-of-House (captain or guest) whose entry is “by invitation” or on “Bigg Boss” wish. There are more than 55 cameras in the Bigg Boss house (except for the bathroom and toilets), tracking every move of the 14 housemates (participants). Speaking of loo and bathroom, they are common for both men and women, expect some arguments and showdowns in the mornings too.

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