How To Merge Your Blogger Profile To Google+ (Plus) Profile

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can connect your Blogger and Google+ (Plus) profile. Before and after the launch of Google+, Google trying integrate it with there ever products like they have made UI of almost every products look same, added YouTube and Google+ connect, etc. so now they are trying to switch Blogger profile into Google+ profile.

Switch Blogger Profile To Google+ Profile

  1. Go to (if not logged in then login to your Blogger account)
  2. Then click on Get Started from yellow notification box
  3. Edit User Profile - Connect Blogger to Google+

  4. Select the check box the end of the page and click on SWITCH NOW button
  5. Use your public Google+ profile on your blogs

  6. Now they will ask you which all blog of yours you would like to add in your Google+ Profile’s Contributor to box (appears in ride side in your Google+ profile)
  7. Click on ADD BLOGS and if you would not to add any blogs then click on SKIP button
  8. You're now connected to Google+

Now your Blogger profile will get redirect to your Google+ profile, all new comments you will make will have your Google+ profile’s real name and link instead of your Blogger profile, you will also get Author information in search results for your blog.

If you want to use different name in your Blogger profile and Google+ profile and want to continue the same way then you should not switch your Blogger profile to Google+. In case if you did and want to revert back you can do it anytime by going to

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