How To Schedule An Email Or Get Notified If Someone Don’t Reply To Email With Boomerang

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can schedule emails in Gmail. When we need to send an email on a particular date and time (like birthday and holiday greeting) but due to some reasons we might not have access to the internet connection at that point of time so we would like to schedule our emails so that it can be delivered on that day and time. But there are very few email services that allows you to do so and most of us prefer use Gmail as our primary email service, which don’t have any such feature which let us to do.

Boomerang for Gmail

This is where Boomerang for Gmail comes in, an extension and add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox web browser. It allows us to schedule our emails on whichever date and time we want it to get delivered. When you will compose a new email you will see a new drop-down button called Send Later (beside send button) which will let you schedule your emails.

If you expect a reply from any recipient and you want that, if recipient didn’t replied within certain period of time then you will get notified about it, for that also you can create a Boomerang. Just open the email of which you are expecting a reply and click on Boomerang drop-down button above of your massage box (beside Delete, Move to, label drop-down buttons). From there select the date and time you are expecting the reply should come. You can also add a separate note for the same if you want.

Make sure that your Boomerang have access to your Gmail account so that it can send email for you on scheduled date and time, for that you need to give Boomerang access to your Gmail account by click on Boomerang drop-down (from top-corner) then click on Manage scheduled messages and allow them to have access to your Gmail account.

In case if you think that you need to make change in your scheduled emails or Messages to Boomerang or Recurring Messages then click on Boomerang drop-down (from top-corner) then Manage scheduled messages and from there you will able to manage them. If you use Google Apps then also you will able to enjoy Boomerang, just make sure that admin have turned on Federated Login option from Admin Dashboard.

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