How To Generate Or Choose Random Number Or Name With

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Today in this post I will tell you how you can generate random numbers. If you are looking for a service where you can generate random numbers, roll dice, flip coin, etc. then is for you.

For instance if you are hosting a contest on your blog or website and you have got multiple winners but you need to choose only one then you can simply enter all the winner’s name (each in one line) and it will reorder the list randomly and then you can select the first name on that list as your winner.

Or if you want to take dissuasion but you’re confused between two options then you can use their Coin Flipper. You can choose from 80+ different types of coins to flip. - Coin Flipper - You flipped 6 coins of type US $1 - John Adams provides Lottery Quick Pick, Keno Quick Pick, Coin Flipper, Dice Roller, Playing Card Shuffler, Integers, Sequences, Integer Sets, Gaussian Numbers, Decimal Fractions, Raw Bytes, List Randomizer, Strings, Passwords, Clock Times, Calendar Dates, Geographic Coordinates, Bitmaps, Pregenerated Files, Jazz Scales, etc.

They also provide widgets and API by which your visitors can also use it without leavening your website or you can use their API to make something creative.

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