How To Tack Your Visitors In Real-Time With MapMyUser

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can track your visitors live. If looking for a service which lets you track you visitors in real-time then there are many services like Google Analytics (GA), Sitemeter,, etc. However GA real-time stats are not yet available for everyone, so in the meanwhile you can give a try to MapMyUser.


MapMyUser lets you

  1. View from which country/city your visitors are coming on Google Map
  2. From where (which source) they are coming (e.g.: Google, Yahoo, Bing or from any other website)
  3. Which web browser and Operating System (OS) they are using
  4. What is there IP Address
  5. On which page of your website they are now
  6. From how long they are active on your website
  7. Everything you will able to track in real-time
  8. Embed widgets on your blog/website

Simply go to, add widget to your blog or website, if you are using self-hosted WordPress then you can download and install there plugin. If you don’t want to show your live stats on your blog or website then you can apply hide button trick, you just need to add

<!-- SJbn.Co | MapMyUser hide code start  -->
<div style="display:none;">
 <!-- your MapMyUser code  -->
<!-- SJbn.Co | MapMyUser hide code end -->

And replace <!– your MapMyUser code  –> with your MapMyUser widget code.

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