Find The Word Which You Where Trying To Recall From Long Time

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will help you in remembering the word you just forget. It happens with most of us we were going to write/say a word but before we could say/write we forget what that word was and when we try to recall it we just able to able to recall few starting or ending letters from that word and what that word means.

Tip of My Tongue (TMT) by Chirag Mehta

If this happens with your most of the time, then Chirag Mehta have something for you called Tip of My Tongue (TMT). It is an online tool which can help us to find the word which we are trying to recall.

You can specify the letters (of that word) starts from, what it contain in middle, end from, letters it might have, it must have, it can’t have, what is the meaning of that word, how many characters it can have, etc.

If you stuck somewhere in solving crossword or playing scrabble and need a help to solve then  this tool may surely help to solve them.

He uses a mix of dictionaries, primarily WordNet 2 (MySQL). The problem with just WordNet is that it doesn’t include all words so he has to rely on other sources.

TMT also available on Apple Appstore so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone and iPod, currently it contains a list of 125,000 words for which you doesn’t need internet to search through.

Tip of My Tongue (TMT) by Chirag Mehta for your iPad, iPhone and iPod