This Christmas Google Let You Make Or Get Free Call From Santa Claus

Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how your kids can get a call from Santa Claus. Christmas has arrived and all of you must have got your home decorated with trees, ribbons, balls, stars and lots of other decorative stuffs. Your kids must have lots of request to be made to Santa for their gifts.

Santa Claus With Mobile Phone

But Santa is so busy that he didn’t got time get a phone contention in his home/office, so Google came and helped him to get his own number 855-34-SANTA(72682), where anyone can call and leave him there request/massage. You can also make free calls from your Gmail*.

*Calls from Gmail are free for users from U.S. and Canadian, but for the people outside U.S. and Canadian will be charged $.01/minute (plus any applicable VATs).

Send A Personalized Call From Santa

Or parents can make personalize massage for their kids and SendACallFromSanta. SendACallFromSanta lets you create your own massage with many different options, after you create your massage then give your number and the person’s number whom you want to send this massage in Santa’s voice (U.S. only). You check this and this two sample messages.