Convert Your Live Video Into ASCII Art In Real-Time

Instant Ascii Cam is a flash based app developed by Jim Bumgardner, which lets you take your live feed image from your webcam and convert it into ASCII art. You can simply turn your webcam on, open in your web browser, allow them to access your web cam and you will able to see yourself rendered into ASCII art in real-time.

You can also choose if you want it to render yourself in black, white, RGB or matrix effect (green). You will able to set the quality of your video stream, the more you increase the quality the more clear you will able to see yourself, when you take the quality to maximum and choose RGB then video stream may start breaking, so make sure when you chose RGB keep the quality little low.

Instant Ascii Cam

If you want image shot of your ASCII art, simply take a print screen by pressing Pit Scr key from your keyboard and past it into Paint. If you have screen casting software in your computer then you can also recode and make video of it or you can also use web based apps called screenr for recording. But when I tried to convert into alphabetic art (by click on Snap button on their website) it didn’t worked that well.

In case if are looking for an ASCII art apps which can convert image file into ASCII art then you should try Text-Image. It gives you many options with to choose from.