How To Use Google Music From Anywhere In The World

In mid last year Google launched a new product called Google Music where you can listen to music online. As always Google launched it in beta stage with invite only, restricted within United States (US). But now it is out from beta stage and no more invite only product but it is still restricted to use by US users only, which is not fair, as internet is free for everyone in this world to access to anything on the web.

Google music – Play your music instantly, anywhere

So let me help you in accessing Google Music from outside US (anywhere in the world) for free. There is a free proxy server called Cocoon which lets you use US proxy server using Cocoon toolbar. So to access Google Music all you need to do is

  1. Open Firefox web browser (if you don’t have download it from here)
  2. Go to Cocoon download page
  3. Download and install Cocoon toolbar
  4. Now sign-up and login-in to Cocoon account from that Cocoon toolbar
  5. After you logged-in to Cocoon account, type or in your Firefox address bar
  6. And there you go you got access to Google Music

Google Music in Firefox with Cocoon Toolbar

Now you will able to access Google Music without Cocoon toolbar but to listen or purchase music from Android Market place you will need that toolbar. Because Google Music just lets you store and play music online that you have uploaded from your computer or purchased from Android Market place but to listen free music or if you want to purchase any music you need to go to Android Music Market place which is not available in every country.

You can download Google Music manager and sync up to 20,000 songs with your iTunes, Window Media Player or any particular music folder on your computer with your Google Music, so you can listen music from anywhere and from almost any device which can access to the internet.

Thanks BlogSolute for the tip