Launches Angry Brides Game To Fight Against Dowry

One of the India’s largest matrimonial website bought a game called Angry Brides to fight against dowry, it is made in-house by team of As name suggest Angry Brides game is inspired from Angry Birds game which also inspired to Angry Anna, to fight against corruption.

Angry Brides - A Woman will give you Strength, Care & all the Love you need... NOT Dowey!

They launched this game on Facebook so that they can reach large number of people to spread awareness and showcase the company’s stand against Dowry. As Facebook is one of the largest social networking website and more than 270k people have liked their Facebook page.

To play all your need to do is login into your Facebook account, go to this URL, they will ask access to your Facebook profile information, click on Allow (if you are ok with them to access your data, as privacy policy suggest they are not going to misuse it) and start playing Angry Brides game.

via Teck

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