How To Appear Online Or Offline On Facebook Chat To Specific People

Yesterday night one of my Facebook friend, Harsh (who is an author of couple of bestseller books in India) got online for few minutes on Facebook chat and within seconds got more than 40 pings (chat request), which sometimes become annoying especially when you come online for some important work to do but due to so many chat request you couldn’t able to.

So you can either ask that person to add you in GTalk, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger or any other IM or you can also talk via Facebook Messages but in case you don’t want to that person in your IM and want talk via Facebook chat only so can change your chat privacy settings so that not everyone will able to view you only, only people you want will able to. Here how you can

  1. Click on Chat box (if it is hidden) –> Gear iconFacebook Gear Icon –> Advance settings…
  2. Facebook Chat box – Gear icon -- Advance settings

  3. Now select any one of them, according to your need
    • All your friends see you except…
    • If you select this you will be visible to everyone and you can mention to whom you don’t want to go visible to

    • Only some friends see you…
    • If you select this you will be offline to everyone but only will be visible to whom, whose name you will mention in that (Required: Enter names or lists) box

    • No one sees you (go offline)
    • If you select this you will be offline to everyone and will be not visible to anyone, even if you have mentioned them in “Only some friends see you” box

    Facebook Chat Advance Settings

  4. Then click on Save button

Tip:- If you have any list created (in this case let’s say Fans) called Fans, in which you have added all your Fans then simply type that list name instead of each person’s name in step 2.1 and 2.2.

While chatting with someone on Facebook and if you want to go offline particularly for that person then in chat box (in which you are typing your message) there you will see a Gear iconFacebook Gear Icon, click on Go Offline to.